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OmniFocus for iPad

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OmniFocus for iPad
Version: 1.6 updated

Platforms: iPad, Apple iPhone OS

Categories: Organisation & Productivity

Upload date: 4 Oct 12

Developer: The Omni Group

License: Commercial

Price: 39.99 $

Downloads: 30

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Rating: 2.4/5 (Total votes: 5)

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OmniFocus combines the in-depth task management functionality of a desktop app with the advanced mobile experience of the iPad. With flexible viewing options, location-aware task lists, and on-the-fly task entry with voice notes and image attachments, OmniFocus for iPad is the trusted system you need for managing everything in your busy life.
Use OmniFocus for iPad on its own, or sync with OmniFocus for Mac and OmniFocus for iPhone. New to OmniFocus for iPad are task forecasting views, a streamlined built-in review mode, and a simplified Map feature for creating and viewing tasks based on current or assigned locations.
· Quick Entry for fast, easy task capture
· Task inbox where items can be stored for future processing
· Detailed task options like start and due dates, repeating schedules, and audio note and photo attachments
· Organize tasks into projects and folders, with as much hierarchy as is needed
· Categorize and view tasks by contexts, or work modes (ie, "Phone" for all phone call-related to-dos)
· Subtasks, for breaking large tasks into manageable steps
· Built-in search for locating any task in your database
· Cloud sync: synchronize with OmniFocus for Mac and OmniFocus for iPhone
· Location-based contexts: the Map makes it easy to generate and view tasks based on current or assigned locations
· Forecasts: see a weekly or daily view of all due tasks
· Built-in reviewing that helps you stay current on all your projects
· Free customer support via email or phone

What's New in This Release:

TextExpander touch Support:

· OmniFocus now includes support for TextExpander touch. TextExpander snippets will be expanded in most text fields, in notes, and in search.
· Maps & Location
· Location Reminders in OmniFocus exclusively uses geofencing whenever possible. (In the uncommon case where you've exceeded the device's maximum number of monitored regions, OmniFocus will fall back to using significant location changes as a supplemental mechanism.)
· Fixed a bug where requesting directions to a context's location in Maps mode didn't correctly open the directions in the Maps app on iOS 6.
· Fixed a crash which occurred when switching between the Map and List views in Maps mode on iOS 6.
· Fixed a regression where a business search with no results failed to display the no results found indicator.
· This release restores business search.

Privacy on iOS 6:

· OmniFocus requires permission to access your Reminders to use the Reminders Capture feature.
· OmniFocus requires permission to access your Calendar to use the Calendar Events feature of Forecast mode.
· OmniFocus requires permission to access your Contacts in order to assign a contact address as a Context's location.


· Reminders Capture is now available on Siri-capable devices running iOS 6.
· Fixed a bug which made it possible to get the notes field into a state where tapping didn't start an editing session.
· Fixed a bug which prevented links from being tappable in notes after entering or exiting full screen mode.
· The Calendar Alarms setup screen now includes instructions for enabling SSL on your calendar subscription. (iOS does not include a mechanism for OmniFocus to enable this automatically.)
· Omni Sync Server usernames are always lowercase. Sync Setup enforces this now to eliminate the possibility of entering an unusable value.
· Improved match highlighting in the Context and Project picker on iOS 6.
· Corrected the appearance of the sidebar toolbar on non-Retina iOS 6 devices.
· Fixed a bug which would cause a hang when presenting an outline view with flagged items on iOS 6.
· Fixed the layout of the toolbar of the built-in web browser on iOS 6.
· The selection style of Forecast's past section draws overdue only when you have overdue actions in the past.


· Corrected the German translation for Review mode.
· Fixed a problem with the Italian localization where translations for "Day Starts At" and "Day Ends At" were swapped.
· Fixed a problem with the French localization where the databases incompatible alert had truncated action buttons.

What's New in 1.5.2:


· Removed MobileMe as a directly supported Sync method. If you are currently syncing via MobileMe, your settings will now appear under the Advanced (WebDAV) sync method. MobileMe/iDisk will be unavailable after June 30, 2012. Please switch to the free Omni Sync Server or another WebDAV service.
· Fixed a regression which prevented the progress bar from showing on first run after entering your sync credentials.


· Fixed a bug where the Item editor could become obscured by the keyboard in Landscape orientation after using the Move popover.


· The Inbox can now be filtered. By default, remaining items are visible in the Inbox. Tap the View Options button to filter by Next Action, Available, Remaining, or All.
· The "Clean Up completed Inbox items" setting is now off by default.
· Fixed a bug where assigning a blocked context to an Inbox item in an Action Group didn't immediately update its status.

Retina Display:

· Minor update to the Plus and Search icons for Retina devices.


· Fixed a bug where OmniFocus sometimes monitored for location changes and generated location reminders despite being disabled in settings.
· Fixed a crash reverse geocoding locations on iOS 4.x.
· Fixed a bug which resulted in a spurious password prompt if a sync was initiated while the device was at the lock screen.
· Fixed a regression responsible for a crash at launch on iOS 4.0 devices without multitasking support.
· Various localization updates.

What's New in 1.5.1:

Review Mode:

· Fixed a regression which caused incorrect labels to appear for a project's review interval.
· Fixed a regression which caused a crash when entering Review mode for projects with a yearly review interval.

Retina Display:

· Fixed display of custom Perspective icons.
· Fixed the swapped Sequential and Parallel images.
· Updated appearance of the shiny red and blue buttons in Settings.
· Updated appearance of Project, Folder, and Context caps in the outline view.
· Fixed a bug where the last 2 pixels of an item's note summary was not faded out.
· Fixed a bug where the content placeholder background was drawn at the wrong scale.
· Reused default launch and placeholder images for Forecast mode to save approximately 8 MB of application size.


· Improved the animation sequence when choosing an item from the Settings Menu in portrait orientation on iOS 5.1.
· The appearance of the Account Info button on the Omni Sync Server setup screen is now consistent with the rest of the Sync Setup.

What's New in 1.4.2:

· OmniFocus 1.4.2 for iPad is a maintenance release. It addresses a problem that could, in rare situations, cause attachments to become inaccessible and custom perspective icons to be ignored until the OmniFocus database was rebuilt.

What's New in 1.4:

Location Reminders:

· Location reminders can be handy for getting a little nudge when you are in the right area to complete an action. In order to use them, you need to have iOS 5 installed, and have an iPad 2 with 3G. Please see Setting up Location Reminders in OmniFocus Help for additional information.


· Map mode always shows available actions and contexts with available actions.
· Several improvements were made to the behavior of the Map when Location Services is disabled. (Map mode requires Location Services to be enabled for full functionality.)
· Tapping the Center Map button always refreshes the current location before centering the map.
· OmniFocus now refreshes the list of contexts and available actions when resuming the app into Maps mode with list display active.
· Improved the fade out animation of context inspectors.
· When panning the map before showing a context inspector, the location is panned completely into view before displaying the inspector.


· The Future section of Forecast mode always shows an action's due date.
· Fixed a bug where hour cells on the event timeline could get stuck in the highlighted state on iOS 5.
· On iOS 5, calendars with identical names from different accounts can be independently hidden from the Forecast event timeline.
· On iOS 5, calendars in Forecast View Options are grouped by account.


· Improved feedback when tapping on the location type buttons in the Context Location inspector.
· Fixed a bug which caused the Context Location inspector to appear at the wrong initial size on iOS 5.
· Fixed a bug which caused the item editor to reappear at the wrong location when the device was rotated while using the built-in web browser on iOS 5.
· The Current Location button in the Context Location inspector is disabled when Location Services is disabled.
· When tapping the Current Location button in the Context Location inspector, the user is alerted when the location cannot be determined.
· The Context Location inspector better handles geocoding failures when setting up a context's location using a contact.
· The Project Type popover is now wide enough to accommodate the Single Actions type without truncation.


· The Remaining view filter in Context mode now displays remaining actions in remaining projects.


· The Bonjour login panel now identifies the Mac we are syncing with by name.
· Automatic syncs are no longer inappropriately started when OmniFocus is waiting for the user to enter their sync username and password.
· Fixed a bug where the Subscribe in iCal button was not enabled for Omni Sync Server users whose accounts reside on one of the alternate sync servers.


· The German translation for the "Completed" and "On Hold" button titles are no longer too wide.
· Fixed a bug where the buttons in the review bar were sometimes inappropriately enabled after exiting Edit mode.


· Action groups are styled in bold when they appear in Context lists and Forecast mode.
· When audio attachment recording or playback finishes, background audio is now resumed.
· Tapping the View Options button or the Plus button in the toolbar now exits search mode.
· Distances are now displayed in miles when the Region Format is set to United Kingdom.

What's New in 1.3.1:
· OmniFocus for iPad v1.3.1 is a maintenance release which includes fixes and improvements to Forecast mode and corrects a sync setup problem for some customers using the Omni Sync Server.

What's New in 1.3:
· Forecast mode now integrates calendar events into a convenient timeline. Use the View options menu to configure which calendars appear on the timeline, and the range of hours for which events are displayed. (This feature requires iOS 4.0 or later.)
· Forecast mode now includes an additional section for viewing items starting on the days of the upcoming week. Use the View options menu to hide or show this section.
· Tapping "View" on a Due Reminder alert now takes you to the Forecast screen, showing you all items which have become overdue at once.

· The Note section of the Editor now includes an expand button. Tap on the expand button to view or edit your notes full screen.
· When searching in the Project and Context pickers, Smart Match terms are underlined in the search results.
· When assigning a Project or Context to an Action, search results are now presented in Library order rather than alphabetically.

· The application's badge counts the union of overdue, due soon, and flagged items. Items that are both flagged and overdue or due soon are no longer counted twice.
· Folders' remaining count incorrectly included Single-Action Lists.
· Dropped Contexts are only visible in the Context move popover when the current View options are set to All.
· Dropped Folders are only visible in the Project move popover when the current View options are set to All.
· Errors from automatic sync sessions no longer interrupt you with an alert. Instead, the Sync button is badged. Tapping the Sync button will display the error alert and offer to retry the sync.

User Interface:
· OmniFocus takes advantage of hardware screen mirroring when available.
· When mirroring your iPad 2 on a secondary display, OmniFocus now shows your gestures-taps, pinches, swipes, and all-so that your viewers can follow along.
· Untitled items are now correctly represented in Project, Action, and Context lists.
· Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect sorting of a Perspective's actions when grouped by a date.

· The Inbox badge count no longer includes completed items.
· Items blocked by a future start date are once again excluded from the Inbox badge count.
· Paste and New Action are now available from the contextual menu for the Inbox header.
· Fixed a bug which prevented you from moving an item to the top of the Inbox.

· Projects within the Review sidebar are sorted in Library order.
· Fixed a bug where launching OmniFocus into Review mode with the Inbox selected incorrectly resulted in an empty list of projects needing review.
· When there are no remaining Projects requiring review, the plus button no longer gives multiple choices for creating an Inbox item.

· Fixed a crash which could occur when entering the background and using Bonjour syncing.
· Fixed a rare problem which could lead to a crash if OmniFocus received a memory warning while in landscape orientation.
· Fixed a regression where Email Debug Info (to the OmniFocus support ninjas) was inappropriately using the in-app mail client.

What's New in 1.2.1:
· Fixed a bug which could cause an automatic sync to fail when OmniFocus was put into the background.
· Fixed a regression which broke the ability to tap and hold to expand or collapse all items in an outline.
· Fixed a bug where a sync error alert appears on top of an incompatible database alert, preventing you from selecting which database to keep.
· Fixed a bug where an error during initial synchronization wasn’t correctly reported.
· Corrected the counts in the folder contents summary; project status and type are now applied when calculating the counts for available, overdue, and due soon actions

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Supported operating systems: Apple iOS 4.2.x (iPad), Apple iOS 4.3.x (iPad), Apple iOS 5.0 (iPad), Apple iOS 6.0 (iPad), Apple iOS 7.0 (iPad), Apple iOS 8.x (iPad), Apple iOS 9.x (iPad), Apple iPhone OS 3.2.x (iPad)

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