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Battle Nations

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Battle Nations
Version: 2.9.8 updated

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple iPhone OS

Categories: Games

Upload date: 13 Jul 13

Developer: Z2Live

License: Freeware

Downloads: 41
Download Free Battle Nations 

Rating: 4.3/5 (Total votes: 3)

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Battle Nations - Take command of the elite Imperial Army as you expand and secure the empire. Gather precious resources and build a thriving nation to power your machine of war. Train your troops and battle the attacking rebel forces for dominance of the land.
Note: An Internet connection is required to play Battle Nations.
· Robust Story Driven Campaign: Join the ranks of the Imperial Army and fight your way through over 130 missions
· Strategic turn-based combat: Command dozens of unique troops and vehicles in battle
· Real-time PvP Battles: Queue up and battle other Battle Nations players from around the world for prizes
· PvP Invasions: Fight with Friends and invade their empire or help a friend in need and repel an attack
· Base Construction: Build a network of structures to support and protect your empire
· Resource Management: Find, gather and refine precious resources to fuel your army

What's New in This Release:

· Multiple bug fixes and stability improvements.

What's New in 2.6:

· NEW UNITS: New units that can take out tanks and other heavy vehicles. Introducing, the Lightning Dragoon, Guerrilla, and Veteran! Players that hit Prestige Mode will also meet the Radio Tech.
· NEW MISSIONS: Play through over 20 new missions, involving Zoey, Taos, Percival, and Yenkcha!
· NEW DECORATIONS: Spiff up your Outpost with a Glass Cannon and Useless Tank!
· PERMITS OFFICE: Need more population? Build a Permits Office and boost your workforce beyond previous limitations!
· MAP LOCATIONS: Explore the Ancient Vault!

What's New in 2.3:

· MISSIONS (LEVEL 15+) : Outposts level 15 and above will encounter mutated soldiers that attack and trigger 8 new missions full of battles, exploration, experimentation, and new discoveries!
· NEW UNITS : When you build an Infection Test Facility, you'll be able to transform your troopers into Infected units, and let them loose to scratch, bite, and bludgeon your enemies.
· BLACK NANOPODS : The arrival of mutated units has uncovered these dull, black versions of our beloved Nanopods. The good news is that Floyd has figured out how to refine these, and transform them into real Nanopods via the Black Nanopod Facility!

What's New in 2.1:

· New Units: This update introduces the Frontier Barracks with several Frontier Units you can train to fight for the Imperial Army!
· New Land Expansions: We've added 20 new land expansions, giving you even more room to grow your Outpost!
· New Encounters: There are now more Boar and Raptor encounters, which will help players who need to earn more Teeth!
· Housing: In addition to the Taxes you collect, you will now receive XP from all of your Houses.
· Animals: The critters of the Empire continue to evolve and take on new shapes and sizes.
· New Missions & Story Arc: Take on Gantas' Lieutenants as we revisit his story arc with new missions!
· New Enemies: Three new enemies appear in the new missions and elsewhere!
· Resource Upgrades: Replace your resource nodes with ADVANCED resource nodes and they will automatically absorb previous upgrades.
· Gears and Bars: You can now purchase these with Nanopods when you experience shortages!
· Additional Bug Fixes, Balance Changes, Stability / UI Improvements, and more!

What's New in 2.0:

· New Levels! : Take on 10 new levels in Battle Nations, reaching the new maximum of 45!
· New Missions! : Command your armies through 75 epic new missions and engagements!
· Apprehend in Combat: As your role evolves in Chapter Two, you'll find yourself responsible for keeping the peace within the Battle Nations world during a time of chaos. This new battle mechanic allows you to take action when ordinary civilians take up arms.
· New Abilities : A few of your units have been researching new tactics and warfare methods. As a result, they've acquired new skills and abilities!
· New Buildings & Decorations : 2.0 delivers many new Military Buildings, Resources, Shops, and Decorations!
· Over 50 New Units : This update contains an abundance of diverse new units! 14 are trainable friendlies, such as the Heavy Chem Tank, Bio Grenadier, and Peacemaker! The rest are new units you will encounter in battle.
· New Encounters : Take on new factions, such as the Silver Wolves, Rebel Guards, and Frontier Militia that threaten your borders as they gather their forces and prepare to invade!
· World Map : The Battle Nations world continues to grow, with the additions of the Frontier and the Heartland!
· Prestige : The new level cap comes with all new Prestige content! Earn XP, level up, and explore all the exclusive Prestige content at level 45.

What's New in 1.5:

· Building Upgrades: You'll now be able to use Gold and Resources to upgrade the buildings in your Outpost to increase productivity and efficiency. For example, upgrading your Mines and Mills will produce more Resources per Hour, and upgrading your Hospital will reduce resource costs and healing times.
· New Combat Mechanics: We're introducing two new combat abilities that add a TON of depth to battle: Damage over Time (DoTs) and Stun effects! Damage over Time attacks, when successful, will continue to damage the enemy over multiple turns. Stun attacks will render an enemy useless for a set number of turns. Strategize and dominate the enemy!
· Land Expand: We've added 5 more Land Expands that unlock between roughly levels 12 and 35! Yay for more breathing room as you continue to expand your Empire!
· New Units: We have 4 new units in 1.5! Introducing the Juggernaut, Puma, Arsonist, and Brimstone.
· Balance Changes: The Meerkat can now attack infantry once again, and has an improved chance to have a critical hit against vehicles. The Demolitionist now has an indirect attack, allowing him to hit any unit in battle and also target Troops.
· Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements: Fixes for issues including crashing upon login, collecting your troops when a friend hasn't updated, completion text pop-ups, and more!

What's New in 1.4.1:

· Introducing the new Z2 Community! Tap on your Username and check it out.
· Localization for Chinese and Korean speaking players!
· Additional bug fixes and stability improvements.

What's New in 1.4:

· PRESTIGE - Once you reach the maximum level, you'll start earning Prestige Points! All XP you earn will give you Prestige, a resource you can spend on rare, exclusive units, decorations, Gears, Bars, and even XP once the maximum level is raised once again!
· ASSISTANCE - Lend a helping hand to your friends and favorite NPCs! You can now provide them with assistance in accelerating resources, jobs, training, and construction times! Helping your friends will also earn you Merits, which can be redeemed for special units!
· SMART ROADS - These roads are smarter than the average road! Say goodbye to a heap of different road tiles, you'll now be able to place a single type of road which will automagically transform into turns and intersections.
· BUILD MENU - The build menu has been redesigned so that it bigger and better than ever, with a full screen view of all the Shops, Housing, Decorations, and more that you'll need for your outpost!
· NEW UNITS - In this update you'll find new units and enemies, including a Demolitions Trooper, Mountain Artillery, codenamed "Aries," the Flame Tank "Firedrake," the Marksman, and many more!
· NEW BUILDINGS - Increase your Outpost's production with a Convenience Store and a Home Defense Expo!
· NEW DECORATIONS - Your Empire has never looked better as you place Farm Silos, Lamps, Reservoirs, Fountains, and more!
· GERMAN - Battle Nations is now fully localized for German speaking players!

What's New in 1.2.1:

· 1.2.1 fixes a few bugs introduced in 1.2

What's New in 1.2:

· Level Cap - Increased to 35!
· Buildings - Certain types of buildings (shops, mines, mills, barracks, etc) now come with an ON / OFF switch. When a building is put in OFF mode, the working population is reduced to that of a skeleton crew.
· Game Center Integration - Rack up achievements in Game Center to show off your Battle Nations skills!
· Engage in battle with the RPG Trooper, the new Heavy Tank, the Meerkat or the Tempest!
· Localization - Battle Nations is now completely localized in both French and Japanese!
· Nanopod Confirmation - Using Nanopods now has a confirmation screen!
· Over 70 new missions, involving Hunters, Raptors, the dreaded Warlord Gantas, and more!

Bug Fixes & Tuning Changes:
· Advanced Coal Mine now requires 3 workers, down from 4.
· Orchards now give both XP and more Gold.
· Roads - There was a bug where Dirt Roads were giving the same bonus as Blacktop Roads. We had to reduce the bonus for Dirt Roads slightly, but we bumped up the bonus for Blacktop to compensate.
· Dustwalkers show up less frequently in early spawn tables, and won't get critical hits as often.
· The Shack and the Scrap House now cost a lot less Gold
· Changed the name of the "Underground Warehouse" to "Storage Vault," which shows up better in the Build Menu.
· Moderately reduced Hospital healing costs. To keep the economy in balance, we also had to reduce the amount of gold you get for killing units.

What's New in 1.1:

· New Troopers - Introducing the Hunter and the Dragoon!
· New Vehicle - The Mini-Tank!
· PvP Healing - Troops no longer require rare resources to heal after Real-Time PvP; Instead, they go on a 2-hour "cool down," after which they're available for collection and re-use in the Army Management Tab.
· PvP Queuing & Matchmaking - Improvements to balance and strategy, as competing armies are now matched against 7 similarly advanced units.
· Victory Points - Engage in Real-Time PvP to earn daily rewards! Potential prizes include gold, XP, rare resources, and even Nanopods!
· Radial Modifiers - Decorations now boost productivity of nearby buildings and shops!
· Dustwalkers - They've been taken down a notch, and now show up less frequently in random encounters.
· Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Comments on Battle Nations:

it is the best game i have ever played

Date: 28 Jul 13



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