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AppMan (Nokia 9300/9500)

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AppMan (Nokia 9300/9500)
Version: 1.0

Platforms: Symbian OS, Series 80

Categories: System Utilities

Upload date: 14 Oct 11

Developer: SymbianWave

License: Shareware

Price: 9.95 $

Downloads: 105
File Size: 100 Kb
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Rating: 1.0/5 (Total votes: 1)

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AppMan (Nokia 9300/9500) - AppMan is a great software for Nokia 9300/9500 that provides information about programs and processes running on your computer, and increases highly the performance and usability of your Nokia 9300/9500. You can quickly see the status of the programs that are running and end or kill the programs that don't respond or cannot be ended normally. Define hotkeys to run your favourite applications and documents, switch between active applications with Windows style switcher (like Alt-Tab), close all apps, compact device' memory and much more.

AppMan uses as little as 50 KB only. The whole application with so many functions (and extremely fast functions comparing to similar programs) is in 50 KB of memory only! And allows to free up to 4 MB of memory without restarting the device. It's not a joke it's AppMan!

Running AppMan

After installing, you can summon up AppMan windows by pressing:
- Shift+Menu - displays AppMan;
- Ctrl+Space, Shift+Ctrl+Space - switch between active applications.
These are default combinations and you may change them in Menu > Preferences > General.

Also you can show AppMan window by pressing AppMan icon on the desktop.

Task switcher

Windows style switcher - switch between active applications from anywhere immediately. Just press Ctrl+Space and you'll see how it works! It's a very useful feature that makes your work much more convenient.

To move backwards, use Shift key (for example, Shift+Ctrl+Space). Also you can use Left/Right arrow keys to move between icons.

AppMan windows

AppMan has been designed to provide quick access to all the tasks running on device. To ease this process, AppMan has five working panels, and you can switch between them by pressing numeric buttons 1...4. As well you can select the necessary view from Menu.

Running applications

This view shows running applications. You can switch to any application, close or kill an application using functional buttons of your Nokia Communicator or hotkeys.

Note 1: Pressing Ctrl+T displays Threads list for selected application.
Note 2: To force kill application instead of closing (not all applications can be closed) press Shift and "Close file" or press Shift+BackSpace.


This screen displays processes list. You can see threads of processes here (Ctrl+T), and close or force to kill a process. Be careful when ending a process. If you end an application, you may lose unsaved data. If you end a system service some part of the system may not function properly.

Pid - Process id
Pri - Process priority
HS - Heap segment size
HU - Actual heap usage
SS - Stack segment size
TC - Tread count.

It's a treads list, useful for advanced users.

Tid - Thread id
Pri - Priority
HS - Heap segment size
HS - Heap segment size
HU - Actual heap usage
SS - Stack segment size
Flags - Thread flags (S-System, P-Protected, A-Active, I-Inactive).

Open files

This view displays all the currently opened files.


"Disks/RAM" shows some information about disks available in the system, their size and free space; this also applies to RAM.

Preferences: General

You can tune AppMan to satisfy all of your needs. To get into Preferences, raise AppMan window, then press Menu or a hotkey. In "General" tab you can set basic options of the program (you can open this menu pressing Ctrl+K).

- General: Task list hotkey (Chr+Del / Ctrl+Del / Ctrl+Chr+Del / Ctrl+Esc / Shift+Esc / Shift+Menu / None) - here you can select hotkeys to call Task Manager;
- General: Task switching hotkey (Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Menu / Ctrl+Space / Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right / None) - here you can select hotkeys to call Task Switcher;
- General: On case opened (Do nothing / Close all apps / Launch app...) - here you can set auto executable options;
- Advanced: Show full names (Off/On) - shows full process names in "Processes" view;
- Advanced: Launch document (New instance / Switch files) - select a method for launching a document from "Recent files" view: either launch a new copy of the corresponding program or open a document in the current copy.
- Advanced: Default folder - select system default folder for documents.
- Don't close - select applications to exclude from "Close all" command.

Preferences: Hotkeys

Another cool feature of AppMan: you can assign a global hotkey to any application or document to allow launching them in a single press from anywhere!
Press Ctrl+H from any AppMan window to open Hotkeys settings (or open it from Preferences > Hotkeys menu).

To add a new shortcut, press Assign button. Each hotkey can be assigned to run an Application (you'll see a list of installed applications), to open a Document (you'll see a document selector), map a Character (see below), create a New SMS or to call a special Function (Close foreground app, Kill foreground app, Close all apps, Restart machine, Processes, Open files, Disks/RAM, Memory info, Compact memory).

You should enter key combinations directly as they look. For example, if you want to create Shift+Ctrl+K combination, press these keys in the key input field. You'll hear a beep if some combination cannot be used.

Note: You can use Up/Down/Esc/Enter keys only with modifiers (Shift/Ctrl/Chr)!

You should know that not every combination would work. Some key combinations probably may be used by System or currently opened application.

Preferences: Exclude from switcher

Here you can exclude some applications from appearing in Task Switcher either by type (name) or by template. This can be useful if you don't like to be switched into some system utilities, which are rarely used but are working in background.

When excluding by type, simply select the necessary applications. When excluding by template, you need to create some templates for names. Here you can use standard mask symbols like "*" (means any number of any characters) and "?" (means any single character). For example, if you have "*calc*" template, all applications with "calc" substring in name will be excluded from Task Switcher.

Character mapping

Character mapping is one of most useful features of AppMan. With its help, you can create keyboard shortcuts for entering any characters, for example, missing on the keyboard (^, | and so on), national characters, typographic elements (inverted commas, dashes, omission points) or mathematical symbols.

Some national keyboard layouts don't have frequently used symbols. For example, Cyrillic layout does not have a question-mark and ampersand. Even built-in Character Map won't allow to find and enter these symbols. With AppMan, that's not a problem anymore! You can map as many characters as you wish.

Memory functions

AppMan can also perform some useful functions such as showing memory information or compacting unused memory.

Other tools

Other useful tools provided by AppMan are:
- Close all apps - closes all running applications. This can be used to free RAM;
- Restart machine - if once you notice problems with device, you may restart it;
- Last reset information - shows the reason of the last system reset;
- Threads list - shows tread information (useful for developers and advanced users only);
- Process info - shows process information (useful for developers and advanced users only);
- Loaded libraries - shows loaded libraries (useful for developers and advanced users only);
- Loaded drivers - shows loaded drivers (useful for developers and advanced users only);
- Unload AppMan - unloads AppMan. If you want to uninstall (reinstall) AppMan you should unload it first.
· Windows style task switcher;
· Apps list with ability to switch to, close or kill;
· Processes and threads list;
· Opened files list;
· Memory and disks info;
· Ability to assign a hot key to an app or a document, so you can launch your favorite word document or game in a single key press from any place and immediately;
· Powerful character mapping feature - now you can access all the symbols that you need (or those missed on the keyboard);
· Compress and defrag memory. You don't need to restart you device to free up some memory now;
· Detailed information about loaded drivers and libraries;
· Ability to restart the machine softly;
· Fully integrated to system and works as a system process;

· 15 days trial

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Supported operating systems: S80 7.0
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