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SunVox (iPhone/iPad)

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SunVox (iPhone/iPad)
Version: 1.7.3c updated

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple iPhone OS

Categories: Multimedia & Graphics

Upload date: 22 Jun 13

Developer: Alexander Zolotov

License: Commercial

Price: 4.99 $

Downloads: 28

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Rating: 3.0/5 (Total votes: 6)

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SunVox (iPhone/iPad) is the Most Powerful music creation tool for iPhone. It is a small and fast multi-platform pattern based sequencer (tracker) with modular synthesizers. With this program you can compose music anywhere. On any device. With any OS.
· Modular interface.
· Highly optimized synth algorithms.
· Flexible architecture: SunVox can working on variuos devices with completely different CPUs;
· WiFi export/import;
· Export to WAV.
Built-in synthesizers:
· FM synthesizer;
· Generator (saw,triangle,square,noise waveforms);
· Sampler (supported formats: WAV, XI);
· SpectraVoice (FFT-based synthesizer for deep and beautiful pads);
· Kicker;
· Stereo Delay;
· Distortion;
· Echo;
· Filter (Low-pass, High-pass, Band-pass, Notch);
· Vocal Filter (for human voice simulation);
· Flanger;
· LFO;
· Loop (for glitch effects);
· Reverb.

What's New in This Release:

· additional LFO module waveforms: sin2 (correct sine), saw, saw2;
· added ability to record into the selected Sampler slot;
· fixed bug with JACK MIDI input;
· fixed bug with the Sampler base note calculation;
· base note for the Vorbis Player is C5;
· new song (examples): april_song;
· JACK library has been updated.

What's New in 1.7.2:

· now XM and MOD files (formats of old trackers) can be loaded without the converter, through the Main Menu -> Load Song; you can find hundreds of these files on this site:;
· extended list of effects for XM/MOD to SunVox conversion;
· new std. pattern effect 30 - use it to stop playing the song;
· new controller in the Reverb module - "All-pass filter"; use it to enable/disable output all-pass filter;
· new controller in the Reverb module - "Room size";
· added autorepeat mode for the following buttons: HLD (clear current note), OFF (insert Note OFF), INS (insert), BCK (backspace);
· added eight layers for the modules; for example you can place some complicated drum chain on the first layer, and all other synths - on the second layer; layers can be visible together or separately;
· new function "Scale" in the Module menu: use it if you want a smaller or bigger module size for the current project;
· changing the size of the modules by mouse wheel (scroll wheel);
· new module - WaveShaper;
· new module - MetaModule; with this module you can include some external .sunvox song to your project and use this song as synth or effect;
· new options in the Preferences->Recording: Pattern fit to grid, Note quantization, Controller quantization;
· new option in the Preferences->MIDI: Ignore velocity;
· empty parameter of the vibrato effect 04 is now treated as "use previous parameter value"; works only for songs created in SunVox 1.7.2 and higher;
· new option "Smooth frequency change" in the Analog Generator; enabled by default; disable it if you want to use arpeggio effect 08;
· velocity map in the MultiSynth module;
· improved CPU Usage Monitor with scrolling and module selection;
· maximum number of pattern tracks has been increased from 8 to 16;
· maximum Echo delay length increased to 4 seconds;
· new controller in the Echo module - "Delay units" with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
· new controller in the Filter module - "LFO frequency units" with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
· new controller in the Flanger module - "Vibrato speed units" with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
· new controller in the LFO module - "Frequency units" with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
· new controller in the Vibrato module - "Frequency units" with different available modes (ms, Hz, ticks, lines);
· new controller in the Vibrato module - "Set phase";
· new simple examples: MIDI_out, waveshaper, velocity_map, reverb2, reverb3;
· new instrument in instruments/bass directory: analog_bass;
· new instrument in instruments/pads directory: synth_violin;
· new instruments in instruments/keyboard directory: piano14, piano15, space, space2;
· new instruments in instruments/various directory: electric_guitar, noise_slide_up, electro_drum_loop;
· keyboard instruments piano04.wav, piano05.wav has been replaced by piano04.sunsynth, piano05.sunsynth;
· sound engine optimization;
· many bugs fixed.

What's New in 1.7.1:

· added missing files (instruments, samples, synths);
· fixed several bugs.

What's New in 1.7:

· real-time recording of any types of sound events (notes, Touch Theremin, controllers changing);
· if you want to enable/disable the metronome for recording - go to the Main Menu -> Preferences -> Recording -> Metronome = ON/OFF;
· new module: Analog Generator with the following features: 32 double alias-free oscillators with internal 12/24dB filters; exponential envelopes; smooth parameters changing;
· Bypass 'B' button has been added to the window with module's controllers;
· View 'V' button has been added to the window with module's controllers: with this button you can change the view mode (one, two or four columns);
· polyphony has been increased from 16 to 32 for the Sampler and the SpectraVoice;
· number of sample slots has been increased from 16 to 128 for the Sampler;
· "Roll-off" (dB per octave) controller has been added to the Filter module; available values: 12dB; 24dB; 36dB; 48dB;
· now you can load samples through the "Load Module" file dialog; Sampler will be created automatically;
· "Preview" button has been added to the "Load Module" file dialog;
· added "Create Directory" feature to the Wi-Fi file browser;
· mono mode has been added to the LFO module;
· new features in the Main menu -> Edit: Shrink pattern and Expand pattern;
· new standard pattern effects 40...5F - delay the event for selected fraction of the line (by a percentage from 40 (0%) to 5F (100%));
· new standard pattern effect 04 - vibrato with parameters FFAA, where the FF - frequency, AA - amplitude;
· new standard pattern effect 22 - set the controller's value to the random number from 0 to PPPP (parameter);
· new controller in the Filter module: "Exponential freq" for exponential frequency;
· new function "Stereo to mono" added to the Sampler (sample editor);
· new parameters (Control Type and Scale) in the Preferences for the UI scale configuration; use it if you want larger or smaller interface elements;
· new examples: electrohouse, afternoon, pong, space_trip, 8bit_tales, sfields1, 1bit;
· new instruments;
· sound engine optimization;
· many bugs fixed.

What's New in 1.6.5:

· Fixed bug with iOS 3.x.

What's New in 1.6.4:

· new module: Side Chain Compressor;
· new module: DrumSynth with 120 unique synthetic drum sounds;
· new module: Amplifier;
· added multitrack WAV export;
· double click on the empty area of Sound Net -> Create a new module;
· double click on some pattern of Timeline -> Open a window with pattern properties;
· maximum BPM increased to 800;
· interactive waveform drawing added to Generator (only for type 4 (dirty));
· added new simple examples: compressor, drumsynth1-4;
· added new examples: chain reaction;
· iOS: added stereo mode to Input module;
· iOS: added Online Help (in the Main Menu);
· many bugs fixed.

What's New in 1.6.3:

· fixed several serious bugs in sound engine;
· added a new standard effect 07 - set sample offset by a percentage (from 0000 to 8000).

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